The leaves hold their color well, without fading, from spring through fall. Adapts to all soils, sand, or clay. Deep crimson-purple foliage all summer on well-proportioned 30-40 foot trees. Brilliant, deep maroon foliage from spring to fall. Crimson King has the same general form as the species, but is very slow growing but can be expected to attain the same size of the normal Norway maple in 35 to 40 years. Crimson King Maples have deep, sharp leaf margins. CRIMSON KING tree for a special gift Crimson King tree (acer platanoides) have deep attractive beetroot coloured leaves but come autumn the leaves turn red, brown and orange. Don't wait until fall to get colorful foliage, Crimson King's color lasts all summer. Its foliage emerges as deep purple leaves that become maroon in the summer. Straight trunk with a well shaped crown. Its relatively coarse texture can be used to stand it apart from other landscape plants with finer foliage. For summer color, this hardy shade tree can't be beat. It has and oval to round crown. The Crimson King is the most popular red-leafed Norway. Planting Advice for Acer platanoides Crimson King Trees. It has a rounded shape and is a relatively slow grower that tolerates hot, dry conditions and polluted air. Grows to a height of 40ft. Quantity: Fixed price: 2 $ 209.00: This maple tree does need well-drained soil. Plant this tree in a full sun, well-drained soil environment to achieve maximum growth potential. Crimson King Norway Maple is a dense deciduous tree with a more or less rounded form. This Maple tree is happy in both coastal and inland gardens and will tolerate urban pollution as well as difficult conditions like exposed and windy open areas. Crimson King Norway Maple is a regal tree that commands attention. Dig a square hole as deep as the root mass and approximately twice as wide. It is a round-headed 45-foot-tall tree with dense branching and a single stout, gray turning to black, trunk. Autumn Blaze is a very popular choice. A variation of the Norway maple, with leaves more red than purple. Many have fine autumn colour, and some have ornamental stems Our pot grown 'Crimson King' Purple Norway Maple trees can be planted at any time of year. Harlequin Maple. Add to cart. Naturalizes well into coniferous woodland settings. Acer platanoides Crimson King is a purple leaved cultivar of the Norway Maple, Acer platanoides. Acer Platanoides Crimson King Norway Maple Click for Bare Root Crimson King Crimson King Options Explained 125-150cm: Feathered tree, the main leader maybe pruned to promote bushiness. Can be re-pruned to be a Half Standard. Genus Acer can be deciduous trees or large shrubs with paired, often palmately-lobed leaves and small flowers followed by characteristic winged fruits. Will … Shop 5.5-gallon yellow crimson king norway maple shade tree in pot (l3166) in the trees section of Bulk deal. It grows to a height of around 7m and assumes a broad headed, rounded shape. It has five-lobed, sharp-pointed, long-petioled leaves that are 5 inches long and wide. and a spread of 35ft.. for pricing and availability. 11 in stock. It's easily transplanted, tolerates shade, drought and many other conditions well, including urban environments. 7-10L Pot, 2-3 years old. Crimson King’s are known for their deep red foliage and they retain a maroon color almost year round in colder climates. Slow growth rate. Red Red Maple Shade Tree in Pot (L1144) Crimson King Norway Maple is a dense deciduous tree with a more or less rounded form. Fall color is typically a deep maroon to reddish bronze. One of the more popular Norway maple tree types. Buy Maple Trees online for fast UK delivery, 2yr guarantee! Best offers for your Garden - ----- 'Crimson King' Maple Information. You can find the leaves take the color purple to almost maroon, in most cases, during summer and autumn. The Crimson King Maple is a medium size, moderate growth and high demand deciduous tree. This is like the identity of the tree and sets it apart from other trees. The major reason this maple tree is popular is due to its high heat tolerance so it can grow where few purple-leaf plants and trees can. Crimson King Maple Acer Platanoides Zone 4-7 H35' spread 35' Crimson King Maples have an excellent dense maroon red foliage all summer. Acer platanoides ‘crimson king’ The Crimson King maple is a dense shade tree with wonderful purple foliage. Crimson King Maple. 4-5' trees sent. Aside from Crimson King Norway Maple, I don't know off-hand of any red/maroon/purple big trees. Crimson King is a popular known tree for its purplish green foliage all through the summer. Thrives best in full sun. A Crimson king is a slow grower that will give you dense shade when mature. It has also been cultivated in many other areas, including Northwest of its native European range (such as in Tromsø, Norway) and in North America, where it is commonly grown for its shade and to line streets. 15. I have a crimson king, known by my family simply as "the crimson maple" growing in my front yard. Crimson King maple is a selection of Norway maple, a tree now widely naturalized in the cooler, more moist parts of the northeast and New England states. A dense shade tree with dramatic uncommon color, the Crimson King Maple Maple tree is a must-have for any home that wants to stand out from the rest. The Crimson King Maple tree is a particularly hardy Maple. It is a very large tree, at least 50 feet tall and has been growing since my father was a child. The Acer Crimson King boasts deep red-purple, star-shaped leaves that have a great autumn colour. 1. Varigated Norway Maple Trees are among the trees grown on our farm in Cottage Grove and offered for sale at our nursery. With a canopy of bold burgundy foliage that rises to 40 feet in height and nearly as wide, it’s hard to miss! Best sized for boulevard and median plantings, public parks and institutional landscapes. Norway maples are characterized by their glossy planetree-like leaves and prized for their adaptability to urban conditions. Add installation for only $52.00 per item! Prepare the planting area by removing all weeds and grass within a metre of your desired planting hole. It looks beautiful with it's red-purple leaves against the red color of my house. Crimson Sentry Norway Maple quantity. Find My Store. Other common names Norway maple 'Crimson King' . This maple tree is extremely hardy. I've always liked the tree. It keeps its brilliant crimson color all summer long. Crimson Kings are green in spring but when summer starts they are redish purple all summer long. AKA Norway Maple, Planed-leaved Maple 'Crimson King' has clusters of yellow-green flowers in early spring that are quite ornamental and develop into purple samaras by summer. Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’: Growing zones 3-7. Plant this colorfu l Maple tree anywhere you want a shady refuge from the hot summer sun, or use it as a sharp color contrast to light-colored walls or fences, or a white-flowering tree like Kousa Dogwood. The most vigorous of the red leaf maples, it makes an excellent specimen as a lawn tree or street tree. for pricing and availability. It's a slow growing shade tree, but has a dense, broad oval form. A good specimen garden tree for the larger garden and also for screening unsightly buildings. Like the species, this tree has discrete yellow flowers that appear in spring and contrast fantastically with the dark purple foliage which gradually turns to maroon over the … AND Crimson Sunset Maple (Acer truncatum x A. plat. Crimson Maple gives you … Zones 4-8. 651-459-5026 Call For Farm Visits, Tree Selection 'JFS-KW202') Heat… Crimson King Maple Features. Light green leaves edged in white, with some leaves showing a mix of white and green. Yellow Crimson King Norway Maple Shade Tree in Pot (L3166) Compare; Multiple Sizes. Acer Crimson King makes a striking ornamental feature with dark garnet-red leaves. Scientific nomenclature: Acer platanoides Commonly known as: King Crimson or Norway maple USDA Zone: 3-7 Shape of the crown: Round and oval in shape. This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and should only be pruned in summer after the leaves have fully developed, as it may ‘bleed’ sap if pruned in late winter or early spring. We sell Crimson king wholesale and retail. Leaves will turn dark maroon in the fall. It is a handsome species, spreading to make a satisfying rounded crown and sufficiently robust to be grown in exposed positions, even as a windbreak. Find My Store. Color and Shape of the leaves: This, in fact, makes all the difference. Red Red Japanese Maple Feature Tree in Pot (L3165) Compare; Multiple Sizes. For sale young and small Weeping willow trees, sugar and Norway, crimson king maple trees, Chinese elm seedlings, Raspberry bush, apricot tree, barberry, Apple tree small, Siberean Crabapple, Kentucky coffeetree, Ready to go. Its distinguishing red foliage is like the Crimson King maple tree, but its upright and compact form pulls from the Tatarian maple types like Hot Wings. Crimson King is a fast growing tree that will soon provide shade and interest in your garden. Family Sapindaceae . Description : The Norway maple is a fast-growing tree, eventually quite large but easily pruned to confine its spread for many years. The Crimson King maple originates from Central and Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. The Royal Red Maple (Crimson King) maple tree is the classic purple-leafed maple tree. Bloodgood Japanese maple can hit 25 feet or so, but don't hold your breath waiting for it … Mature Height 40-50' Mature Spread 35-45' Standout Feature Crimson Leaves, Slow Grower Expect a height and spread of around 10 x 6 meters in 20 years from this low maintenance, architectural tree. Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’ - Crimson King Norway Maple Pot Size: 10 gal Height: 35-25’ Spread: 25-40’ Sun: Full sun to part shade The Crimson Sentry Norway Maple tree is a heavily branched, upright tree with a compact, narrow canopy. Buy Crimson King Norway Maple online. Crimson King Maple (Acer platanoides 'Crimson King') Great choice for a large shade tree in front of a large home-site or to shelter a backyard. This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and should only be pruned in summer after the leaves have fully developed, as it may 'bleed' sap if pruned in late winter or early spring. Its relatively coarse texture can be used to stand it apart from other landscape plants with finer foliage. The Crimson Sunset Maple tree is a hybrid maple. The Norway Maple is eventually a large tree with big green foliage that emerges yellow-green and turns good orange and yellow colours in the Autumn. 150-200cm: Half Standard, 2-3 years old, comes in a 9-12 L pot.
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